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ISO 9001

The main criteria in the improvement of the company are in the first place, improving product quality, customer orientation and company image. One way to confirm the quality of pesticides produced and services the company is received in June 2005 certificate of quality management system ST RK ISO 9001-2009.
The management and specialists have been trained in the implementation of the QMS and got the certificates. The ability to continuously maintain a level of quality we produce pesticide and services to implement, deliver them to customers without disabilities quality parameters and complaints from our loyal customers and partners, the company has achieved thanks to current policies and objectives in terms of quality.

            POLITICS TOO "Agrohimiya"

Development and supply of plant protection products that meet the State legislature and regulated acts, verifying expectations of the customer's requirements.
Saving the prestige and authority to create a sustainable and high confidence in the customer.
Interests of the customer a priority for us.
Quality - the main factor of stability and prosperity of the company as a whole and each employee individually. POLICY of Open Company "AGROCHEMISTRY
Working in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect with our partners and subcontractors.
Maintaining the highest professional caliber personnel through continuous training.
Ensuring effective management of output.
For each quarter units prepared schedule, the target quality plan, developed by top management jobs. In the quarter, once employees are doing a report on progress, on which the leadership is doing the analysis and evaluation of the quality of work performed.
To achieve these goals the company conducts continuous improvement of the quality management system. In the first stage forecast is carried out by employees and marketing of the market. Through direct contact with customers staff, consider coming to our company reviews and complaints, we evaluate customer satisfaction.
Today, thanks to processes developed and implemented a quality management system the company has achieved considerable success.
In February 2006, according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Licensing" on April 17, 1995, chapter 2. "The activities that require licensing," Article 9. item number 1 / 50, LLC "Agricultural Chemistry", the first to receive a state license to manufacture and sale of agricultural chemicals (pesticides).
LLP "Agrohimiya" and in the future is open to partnership and we welcome suggestions for cooperation are ready to actually prove their worth and reliability.
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