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One of the first services offered by our company is the work of a group of scientific advisers.
Scientific consultants provide ongoing assistance to consumers of drugs LLP "Agrochemicals" in matters of the use of drugs. For this purpose, each consumer when buying Chem. drugs provided advice on the timing and methods of processing the crops, technology Work, explains when and in what rules should be processed. Consultants conduct demonstration experiments directly on the fields of processing to demonstrate the effectiveness of drugs, if properly applied. These experiments were conducted in Almaty, Akmola, East Kazakhstan, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan regions in the locust, pests, diseases and weeds of crops, pests of cotton pests and weeds in sugar beet, vegetables cultures. Directly participate in meetings, seminars, field days in the fields, the works. They are lectures, reports on the protection of plants from a regional perspective that displays advertising firm. At such meetings, seminars involving experts in plant protection, farmers, farm managers, members of the Plant Protection, farmers, and they get their information about drugs. Firms on the spot, about the features of their application in specific circumstances in the region. Participate in various exhibitions of international, regional visitors booth gives advice on the effectiveness of our products to the benefits, conditions of delivery and other issues.
If necessary, at the request of customers, consultants go directly into the field to address the issues raised in plant protection.
In order to familiarize consumers with our products, publishing a variety of promotional materials - brochures, leaflets, printed in newspapers and magazines on current topics of plant protection. Leaflets with the characteristics of products are printed in Russian and national languages, have an attractive design.
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